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Contemporary Kids Furniture on a Budget

Give your little one the best a nursery or playroom has to offer with clearance kids furniture . New parents will love creating a cozy space for their newest addition to sleep tight. Once you have the basics, including a crib, changing table and rocking chair, pick a playful theme or bold color scheme—inspiring imagination early on in your diaper-clad mini me. For a more minimalist approach, use neutral colors and simple wall decor in place of all the pizazz. Plan ahead for their rapid growth with a crib that transitions to a toddler bed. An adjustable rail keeps them securely in place and can be removed once they're a full-fledged two- or three-year old. Nurture their curious minds with a small play table that provides them with their own space to paint watercolor masterpieces or handcraft sculpture from activity dough. Add a bookcase filled with exciting classics and storage bins full of stuffed animals and toys. Let older children have a say in the playroom. Do they want comfy seating while watching a movie? Offer them an armchair that resembles a cartoon character or a bean bag they can sink into. Add a toy box and storage bins to help them learn about the importance of cleanliness and organization.