Kids Dresser Knobs

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Kids' Dresser Knobs for the Big-Kid Bedroom and Nursery

Who knew kids' dresser knobs could be so fun? Crate & Kids did. Practical, essential and unassuming, these subtle stars of the show add a hint of playfulness to the big-kid bedroom. Unsure of where to begin? No worries. This curated collection of kids' dresser knobs makes it easy to select an assortment that speaks to your family's aesthetic. Think heart dresser knobs that speak to your Leanne Ford-inspired space, or go with bow-shaped dresser knobs instead for a more eclectic take. Either way, the classic wood finish of other kids' dresser knobs, like those that are cloud- and airplane-shaped, adds a timeless touch to your tiny adventurer's space. What's more: each kids' dresser knob doubles as nursery dresser knobs and are an easy addition to your baby registry.