Textile Care Symbols

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Wash Category

machine wash do not wash wash permanent press wash gentle or delicate machine wash cold machine wash warm hand wash machine wash cold less than 30 degrees centigrade, 86 degrees farenheit machine wash warm less than 40 degrees centigrade, 104 degrees farenheit machine wash warm less than 50 degrees centigrade, 122 degrees farenheit machine wash warm less than 60 degrees centigrade, 140 degrees farenheit machine wash hot less than 70 degrees centigrade, 158 degrees farenheit machine wash hot less than 95 degrees centigrade, 203 degrees farenheit

Dry Category

tumble dry do not tumble dry dry low heat dry medium heat dry high heat line dry dry flat drip dry

Bleach Category

bleach do not bleach non-clorine bleach

Iron Category

iron do not iron iron low iron medium iron high

Dry Clean Category

dry clean do not dry clean dry clean any solvent dry clean petroleum only dry clean no trichloroethylene

Fabric Care Symbol Guide

Choose durable, stylish fabrics that fit your home, and make sure they last by caring for them properly. Learn more about how to maintain bedding, curtains, rugs and other textiles with our Fabric Care Symbol Guide. Many everyday materials can be machine-washed, such as bath towels, certain table linens and polyester cushion covers. Examine the product’s "wash" category to understand whether it needs hand washing and to learn what temperature keeps colors from bleeding. Textiles that can be machine washed aren't automatically safe for the dryer. Preshrunk cotton won't be damaged by dryers, but more delicate fabrics may need to be hung dry on a line or laid flat so the fibers won’t stretch. Look at the product's “dry” category to see whether the material can be tumble dried and at what heat setting. Dry clean delicate fabrics such as silk, linen and wool. Bed sheets and tablecloths often look best when ironed—check the “iron” category to see what temperature is safe for your fabric and will still remove wrinkles.