Lighting Solutions for Any Room

Not only is lighting a basic element of each room in your home, it also elevates the appeal of existing furniture and decor. For instance, a chandelier in the foyer welcomes guests in an eye-catching way, while hanging pendants guide the way down the hall and flush mounts add a subtle glow to the home bar. No matter your style, this collection of table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and other lighting solutions is a seamless fit for your lifestyle. Read on to find out more about adding light fixtures to your home.

Entryway: since this area of the home is typically a smaller space, your best bet when it comes to illuminating it is a light fixture that mounts to the wall or hangs from the ceiling. Think a chandelier if you're looking to brighten the entire room, or a set of wall sconces when taking a more subtle approach. Either way, a variety of designs and finishes helps create a sense of cohesion. Another benefit: both options draw attention to nearby furniture and wall decor, such as mirrors and artwork. Don't forget to add a table lamp, too, especially one that's situated on a console table.

Kitchen: a room often in need of ample lighting, the kitchen is the ideal place for ceiling lights. Do you often use the island for meal preparation? Consider a hanging pendant overhead. Not only does it focus the light where you need it most while slicing, dicing and chopping, it also enhances the aesthetic. Think one with exposed light bulbs to complement a utilitarian look, or take a more eclectic approach with another that features an abstract design.

Dining Room: love a formal look while eating with family and friends? Be sure to hang a chandelier above the table. Opt for one with cascading glass beads for an opulent look, or scale the aesthetic back with another that features a wood frame. Either way, the glow it emanates puts your elaborate tablescape on display. For those who prefer a simpler take, consider wall sconces instead. Situate two or three on each side of the dining table for atmospheric lighting, or enjoy the brighter illumination provided by pendants.

Living Room: due to its larger size, the living room allows for the most flexibility when combining light sources. For instance, floor lamps are easy to arrange behind or beside the sectional sofa and are the ideal choice for general lighting. If you're looking for illumination that's more focused, consider an arc lamp instead. Most are adjustable—meeting all your reading, crossword puzzle and knitting needs—and seamlessly blend in with existing decor near an armchair or side table. Don't forget about table lamps, too. Position one on a nearby end table or bookshelf to enjoy a soft glow.

Hallway: simplicity is the way to go when deciding on how to best light the hallway. Since you only spend a few minutes each day here, passing through from one room to the next, the installation of a few wall lighting fixtures is an adequate solution when illuminating the space. For residences with smaller corridors, consider adding a table lamp to a console table instead. Just make sure there's enough lighting for the entire length of the hall.

Bathroom: the most important factor to keep in mind in this space is safety. The type of lighting you choose for the area should always be approved for bathroom use. Due to their versatility, sconces are often a popular choice in this room. For instance, they help you achieve a retro-Hollywood aesthetic when flanking the mirror above the sink, while also enhancing the tranquil environment of a spa bathroom. Think ones with linen shades in neutral hues or others with a metal base for a more industrial approach.

Bedroom: you can't go wrong with a table lamp or two in the master suite. Think one on the nightstand for reading or journaling, and another for your partner on their side of the king-size bed. A floor lamp in the corner helps illuminate the contents of your dresser or armoire, too. Do you have a nook? Consider the installation of a wall sconce above the armchair or side table.