Rugs by size

Choosing a Rug for Your Home

Not only do rugs bring warmth, texture and dimension into a room, they also complement existing furniture while showcasing your personal style. Think an area rug in the living room that contrasts against the neutral hue of the sofa's fabric, or a runner in the foyer that welcomes guests to your cozy abode. In any case, it's important to keep a few factors in mind when choosing the ideal rug for your home. Keep reading to find out more on size, material, color and pattern.

Rug Size: the rug size that works best for you largely depends on the room in which you're placing it. For instance, in areas of the home where you wish to cover a wide expanse of floor space—family rooms, finished basements and playrooms included—your bet bet is an area rug. Typically ranging from 5' x 8' through 10' x 14', this type of rug offers more than enough coverage. Think the distance from a sectional sofa to the fireplace, or a loveseat to the media console. Looking for an accent rug to protect the floor in high-traffic spaces instead? Consider using a runner. Long and narrow, it's a seamless fit in entryways and hallways. No matter your needs, be sure to properly measure where you wish to place the rug before shopping for styles.

Type of Material: traditional and reliable, wool is a favorite choice for floor decor as it's stain-resistant and quite durable. This popular material also brings luxurious comfort underfoot while maintaining functionality. For instance, a wool rug in high-traffic areas helps protect the floor below. Another in the same material adds an unexpected pop of color, texture and formality to space that's less used, such as the open area beneath the dining table. Alternatively, cotton rugs provide a more casual aesthetic. Easy to clean and availability in smaller sizes means they work particularly well in front of the patio door, in the laundry room, or near the sink or oven. If you're looking for an ultra-durable option, opt for a polypropylene rug instead. Whichever way you decide to go, the material of your choice will soften ambient noise and enhance coziness.

Colors and Patterns: simple yet stylish, accent rugs are capable of setting the tone of an entire room. For instance, a neutral color palette in the master suite is easily brought to life by vibrant colors and bold patterns on the floor. Eye-catching designs readily make a splash in the living room and foyer, while cool tones of ice blue and mint green offer up a more modern approach. For those who prefer a traditional take, be sure to include classic patterns of stripes, circles and squares, too—whether in the family room, an indoor-outdoor area or elsewhere in the home. In the dining room, consider a rug that complements the table and chairs for a polished presentation.