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Faux Botanicals and Plants Brighten and Enliven the Home

Give new life to your home with lush botanicals. When the room is feeling a little too bare, faux plants such as succulents, branches and cacti make it breathe and pop. Whether it be on shelves, a table, your office desk or beyond, there's a fitting space in any room to house them. Plus, because they're artificial, there's no need to worry about factors such as sunlight—simply decide where the plants would look best and let them brighten up the area.

If you have enough space, floor planters are a modern pick that add lots of personality to your home. Large cacti provide southwestern flair, while leafed plants are especially eye-catching. Consider placing one in the living room beside the sofa, or make your food taste even fresher by including one in the kitchen. Looking for something smaller in scale? Tabletop planters and succulents fit on even the slimmest surface. For example, turn your botanicals into fun decor by placing them on floating shelves. Or, add one to your desk, making the home office more vibrant.

If there's a particular vase or planter that you want to use, opt for a branch or stem to fill it. Varieties such as palm leaves, cherry blossoms and chestnut branches enhance your home with their natural charm, and fit comfortably into your vessel of choice. Faux succulent stems are also conveniently sized and adaptable to any context. No vase on hand to use? Take a minimalist approach and place the branch directly on a surface such as a mantelpiece. Using one as a dining table centerpiece, meanwhile, brings your personal taste to mealtime. For an option that's especially raw and natural, consider botanicals such as twig branches. Wood gives a warm feeling to the home, especially if it complements furniture and decor of similar shades.