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Candle Holders Set a Stress-Free Ambiance

When it's time for relaxation, few things set the mood better than candles. Whether you prefer scented ones, tea lights, votives or beyond, the flame's warm glow feels soothing and luxurious. That's where candle holders become important—they make sure that your serene moments are as stylish as they are calming. Explore designs to find the right fit for your space and aesthetic.

One versatile type of candle holder is the hurricane. Their tall sides surround the candle itself, ensuring that the flame is completely contained. Round hurricanes made of clear glass are a classic pick, while details such as wooden bases or textured glass give the items personality. Or, increase the size and add a handle and you have a modern lantern. In addition to being portable, they feel equally natural both inside and outside the home. For example, think lanterns on the patio or deck, used as a centerpiece on the outdoor table. Or, place several along a backyard path to illuminate the way. Another option for the dining table, meanwhile, is taper candle holders. Their slim silhouettes offer an elegant feeling, and house your candles without taking up too much room. Tealights are another space-efficient style to consider.

In addition to the shape and size of the candle holder you choose, its material also influences how it feels in your home. Glass is a timeless option, and clear ones are especially appealing if you want to have the candles themselves on display. When accented with metal, they give the space a modern and industrial touch. Frames of wood, on the other hand, lend a natural warmth that enhances the candlelight within. Set them on an accent table or bench made of a complementary wood for a cohesive look. Also, be sure to use a candle snuffer to maintain your candles for as long as possible.