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Decorating with Throw Pillows for Sofas and Bedroom

Adding throw pillows to a room is one of the quickest and simplest ways to update the look of your space. Living rooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms feel richer and more comfortable with decorative pillows. From sofa accent pillows to tween bedroom decor, throw pillows have a stylish use in whatever room you place them in. Pair them with throw blankets that refresh your space's look for each season, decorative pillows with cozy velvets and faux-furs for winter to lively colors and cool couch pillow materials in spring. Linens, cottons and other lighter fabrics are great picks for accent pillows in the summer and spring.

Throw Pillow Colors and Patterns

One way to decorate a sofa with throw pillows is to alternate patterns and solids. If solid slipcovered sofa patterns already exist in the room, look for decorative pillows that complement existing design elements. You can also try pairing a bold loveseat sofa with the same hue to create a cohesive look with your decorative sofa pillows. If patterns are not your style, consider all solids within the color scheme of the room. Deep tones in cozy velvet are the perfect couch pillows for relaxing on a cozy sectional sofa. With florals, feel free to mix and match as you please or situate atop of a low-profile sofa for extra cushion. For an eccentric look with your sofa pillows, contrast a leather bench seat sofa with faux fur pillows to makes a strong, modern statement.

Ideas for Decorative Pillow Styling

In the living room, choose a large square shaped throw pillow for sofa corners. This keeps the middle free for guests to enjoy a well-placed lumbar throw pillow. Wide couch throw pillows are a great fit for easy chairs and dining chairs, providing both visual appeal and back support. In the bedroom, layer various accent throw pillow shapes to create a sumptuous, inviting appeal.