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Cake Stands, Plates, Holders & Platters

Whether you're serving cured meats and cheeses or birthday treats and desserts, create a dazzling presentation atop cake pedestals and stands. For formal dinners and holiday gatherings, arrange homemade confections on a glass stand as a centerpiece for the dining room table. Alternatively, set up a multi-level dessert bar on a sideboard or buffet with tiered servers and platters in matching styles. Mix and match materials to create an eclectic spread for cocktail parties—pair a wood cake stand with metallic or glass serveware. Serve hard cheeses and berries at the bar with wines that emphasize hidden aromas and muted flavors. For everyday, grab-and-go snacks, keep fresh produce or baked goods on a pedestal atop a kitchen table or island. Complete the look with glass domes or cloches that add flair to fresh baked goods.

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