Use MasterPass to access secure, fast online checkout at Crate and Barrel. With the MasterPass digital wallet, you can track your purchases from your phone, tablet or computer. Setting up your MasterPass account is simple, and you have to do it only once to securely store your card and billing information. You won’t have to input any sensitive information the next time you shop online at Crate and Barrel. Just look for the Masterpass button.

Safe: Your card information is not stored on your device, and Masterpass is equipped with multi-tiered security to keep your purchases and information safe. Not even Crate and Barrel sees your card information.

Simple: Masterpass makes it easy to complete your purchases online without having to go through your wallet or cards. Online purchases at Crate and Barrel are made effortlessly with the “Buy with MasterPass” button. Simply sign in and choose from your list of stored card numbers and shipping addresses. Then you’ll have your shipment going where it needs to be, faster.

Fast: When purchasing from Crate and Barrel online, just click the MasterPass button. After just a couple of clicks or taps on your device, your order will be ready to go. For even faster checkout, make sure your card and shipping information is stored in MasterPass ahead of time.