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Rabbit Wine Openers & Accessories

Quickly and easily pop open your new favorite vintage with the help of a Rabbit wine opener. A favorite among wine connoisseurs, Rabbit corkscrews and wine bottle openers are known for their quality and sleek appearance. When choosing the Rabbit bottle opener that's right for you, consider a few different models. For a reliable classic, go with a manual corkscrew. If you're looking for a more high-tech option, consider the Rabbit electric wine opener instead. This popular option uses a motorized screw to remove the cork from the bottle, requiring little to no effort on the user's part. Choose from electric Rabbit wine bottle openers that run on battery power or rechargeable base; both are lightweight and easy to use, making them a good choice for people who entertain frequently.

Rabbit Wine Accessories

Once you've got the bottle open, use Rabbit wine tools to enhance your enjoyment of the drink. While a wine decanter makes an elegant display piece, a Rabbit wine aerator is a smart alternative for those low on storage space. Mixing up cocktails? Rabbit also offers bar tools such as citrus squeezers and cocktail sets to help you combine ingredients for your signature mixture. Didn't quite finish the bottle? Preserve the flavor and aroma using a Rabbit wine preserver. Rabbit wine stoppers create an airtight seal and fit most standard wine bottles.

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