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Choosing a Bed for Your Home

The average person spends one-third of their life in bed, meaning it's important that where you sleep complements your lifestyle. Every detail, from height to headboard to hue, is part of the beginning and end of the day. To pick one that's as pleasing to sleep in as it is to look at, consider the following components.

Height: A useful place to start is deciding how elevated you want to be while sleeping. Taller frames allow for a more literal climb into bed, and often provide storage space underneath—ideal for extra pillows and bedding or seasonal clothing in compact bins. Or, for a sleeker look that complements minimalist aesthetics, consider low platforms instead. Either way, picking a particular style of nightstand or bedside table also helps to determine a convenient height. For instance, larger 3-drawer chests pair naturally with tall platform beds, while more compact nightstands complement those with less elevation.

Frame: In selecting a bed frame, there are other important factors to take into consideration, such as the question of material. Woods, including walnut, teak and mahogany each have distinct textures and patterns—giving the bedroom a feeling of warmth. Wooden frames are also easy to coordinate with bedroom benches, which provide extra relaxation (and storage) room. Looking for something softer to the touch? Upholstered rails are almost as comfortable as the mattresses they support.

Headboard: Looking to make a statement? Be sure to invest in a headboard. Upholstered ones vary widely in both shape and pattern. Button tufting, for example, creates a classic and comforting texture, while other options include horizontal and square-patterned tailoring. Headboards with curves at either end recall the timeless appeal of wingback accent chairs, too. Interested in exploring beyond upholstery? Metal bars, carved wood and canopy coverings are more ideas that blend style with personality.

Color: Whether you opt for upholstery, wood or metal, the color of your bed helps round out the look of the room. Not only do you want its hues to fit in with the aesthetic of the space, but the shade you select also helps to choose the ideal bedding. Think a neutral black and white bed that meshes well with most blankets and quilts, or take a bolder approach with beds that feature unexpected pops of pink, blue and green that are enhanced by patterned sheet sets and abstract wall art.