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Home Cleaning Supplies

No matter your style, cleaning supplies are an essential for every home. Stock the kitchen sink with scrubbers and brushes for everyday dishwashing, and add a soap dispensing brush to your repertoire to make buffing dinner plates and cereal bowls easy. These brushes and scrubbers scour off baked-on food yet are gentle enough for nonstick cookware. If you love baking your signature recipes in cast iron, remove stains and residue without damaging your pan. Cast iron cleaners and brushes are designed specifically to remove cooked-on food, so your next homemade dip or baked dessert is sure to taste delicious. Make sure your flatware looks its best for the next dinner party or holiday celebration: shine forks, knives, spoons and silver serveware with metal polish and polishing gloves. Complete each place setting with your glistening flatware, as well as cloth napkins and placemats. While you have the polish out, don't forget to brighten other metals including candlesticks and napkin rings. In the kitchen, keep your surfaces clean with versatile dish towels. Looking for cleaning supplies to help maintain your furniture? Find protectants and surface cleaners to keep your patio furniture ready for the season, as well as polishes and oils to buff your antique wood chairs, tables and benches. For easy access, organize polishes, waxes and other cleaning supplies in a bin beneath the kitchen sink. Be sure to keep plenty of scented dish soap and hand soap on hand as well to make clearning a breeze.