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Electric Cookers

Streamline your mealtime preparation and cleanup with an electric cooker. Programmable kitchen cookers make it easy to create healthy meals for your busy family through simple one-step preparation—just place your ingredients in the pot, set the timer and let dinner make itself. Multiple temperature settings, LCD displays and keep-warm functions enable you to create soup, rice, pot roast, brisket and other one-pot meals without spending hours in the kitchen, and kitchen-to-table inserts allow you to serve the meal directly from the pot. In addition to the time savings, electric cookers also enhance the flavors of food, tenderize tougher cuts of meat and use less electricity than an oven. Not sure which type of cooker appliance is best for you? Consider a few different varieties. Slow cookers are a great option for those on a tight weekday schedule. These kitchen cookers use low temperatures to cook food over a matter of hours, meaning that your meal will be hot and ready when you walk in the door. Think hearty stews for winter evenings or slow cooker lamb tacos for summer suppers. A pressure cooker, on the other hand, uses pressure and steam to reduce the cook time on foods like beans or rice that usually require hours on the stove. Feeling creative? Try using your pressure cooker to whip up breads and roasts, or give home canning a try. If you're unable to choose between the benefits of these two cookers, consider a multi-pot that combines the functionalities of both. Many multicookers also feature searing, sautéing, browning, steaming and rice maker settings as well. Either way, electric cookers are a handy addition to any busy kitchen. Consider a mini cooker to save on counter space, or use a large electric pot to feed the entire family. For the more ambitious home cook, experiment with the quality results produced by a sous vide cooker, a tool popular among restaurants and professional chefs. Once you're through using your electric cooker and enjoying your meal, be sure to wash and dry it so that it's ready for the next time. Choose from high-quality options from trusted brands including Instant Pot, Cuisinart, Breville and more.