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Cuisinart Coffee Makers

Start your mornings with the rich aroma of your favorite brew made with one of our Cuisinart coffee makers. From simple Cuisinart drip coffee makers to all-in-one models featuring single-serve options, there's a Cuisinart coffee pot for every java lover. When choosing a Cuisinart coffee maker, consider the various features of each model. If you take your breakfast on the go, consider a one-cup Cuisinart coffee machine to reduce waste. Working from home? Enjoy an afternoon pick-me up with a Cuisinart coffeemaker that brews a little more so you can top off your mug throughout the day. Or, if your home is filled with coffee connoisseurs, an even larger Cuisinart 14-cup coffee maker makes enough to satisfy everyone's morning kick. No matter what size you choose, the machine's electric percolator continually boils grounds until they reach your desired strength for an authentic, café-worthy flavor. If you prefer to grind your own beans for a fresher taste, look for a Cuisinart coffee maker with grinder built right in. Complement your hot mug of coffee with a freshly-baked scone or shortbread biscuit. At the end of the day, minimize the workload at home with self-cleaning Cuisinart coffee makers that do all of the work for you. To complete your coffee nook, label and fill glass storage canisters with your favorite flavor of coffee for easy access throughout the week.

Cuisinart Espresso Machines & Kettles

For those who need a little extra caffeine to start their day, a Cuisinart espresso machine is the ideal countertop companion. Characterized by the brand's signature quality and ease of use, each Cuisinart espresso maker features both pre-programmed and customizable options, so you can have your cup just the way you like it. If you'd rather sip tea than coffee, look for a Cuisinart kettle. Like making it on the stovetop? Make sure you've reached the ideal temperature for different varieties, including oolong, green, herbal and black teas by consulting a built-in thermometer. Would you rather automate the process? Consider a Cuisinart electric kettle instead. Plus, it functions as a French press for coffee as well.

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