Cuisinart Cookware & Appliances

Cuisinart Products for a Complete Kitchen

A trusted name in kitchen essentials, Cuisinart products are built to last a lifetime and make all your favorite recipes a little easier. Founded in 1973 as a manufacturer of the first food processors in the United States, Cuisinart has since expanded their selection to include all kinds of appliances, cookware, bakeware and cutlery. Whether you're a culinary novice or a seasoned home chef, equip your prep space with Cuisinart products for reliable assistance on every meal. Cooking up a big holiday meal? Save space in the oven for the main dish by using a Cuisinart toaster oven to cook side dishes such as roasted root vegetables or green beans. Heading to a summertime soirée? Bring a batch of your best brownies cooked to perfection in a Cuisinart baking pan. Read on to discover other varieties of Cuisinart items and their uses.

Types of Cuisinart Products

  • Cuisinart Appliances—As the mainstay of the brand, Cuisinart appliances offer both quality and a wide array of options for every type of recipe. From classic necessities such as toaster ovens and blenders to new options like Cuisinart air fryers and ice cream makers, try something new for dinner using Cuisinart products to expand your recipe repertoire.
  • Cuisinart Cookware—Equipping a new kitchen? A Cuisinart cookware set contains everything you need to get started on everyday meals. Choose from durable stainless steel and practical non-stick options based on your priorities. Cuisinart cookware is also a smart add to any wedding registry.
  • Cuisinart Bakeware—If you're in the mood for something sweet, mix up your favorite dessert and pop it in the oven with Cuisinart bakeware. With both standard baking pans and specialty options for pies and popovers, there's no end to the treats you can create with these Cuisinart products.
  • Cuisinart Knives—Chop to it with the help of a Cuisinart knife set. For convenient storage, select a set that comes with a knife block so that each blade can be stowed away safely between uses.
  • Cuisinart Wine Coolers & Cellars—Keep your wines at the appropriate temperature with premium Cuisinart wine cellars. Choose from wine fridges with eight-, 12- and 32-bottle capacities.
  • Cuisinart Coffee Makers & Accessories—Brew up a fresh batch of coffee with quality Cuisinart coffee makers. From single-serve brewers to 12-cup makers, you'll find the machine you need in our selection of Cuisinart products.

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