Hommeboys Interiors

Austin Carrier and Alex Mutter-Rottmayer—also known as Hommeboys Interiors—make up
the passionate design duo known for their elegant, playful interiors with a mid-century
touch. They partnered with our Trade Program for their incredible living room revamp.


Part of a greater whole home remodel, the living room transformation
brought more consistency throughout the home, with raw woods and
upholstered items to complement a few existing pieces.

36 Items
  • Cambria Green Velvet Sofa 96" Options
    CAD 3,699.00
    FSC® Certified
  • CAD 56.95 - CAD 66.95

    “Switching up materials like woods, stones, fabrics and
    metals makes a space feel layered and unique.”

  • Sale CAD 6,679.20 reg. CAD 8,349.00
    20% off (Prices as Marked)
    FSC® Certified
  • Ruins Ceramic Sculptural Table Lamp with Pleated Shade by Athena Calderone Options
  • Clearance CAD 37.99 - CAD 39.99 reg. CAD 44.95 each
  • Jordan Natural Oak End Table Options
  • Tom Natural Three-Legged Coffee Table by Leanne Ford Options
  • “When choosing pieces we wanted them to complement each other but
    also have a unique element that allowed them to stand out in the space.”

  • Cambria Green Velvet Chair and a Half Options
    CAD 2,699.00
    FSC® Certified
  • Equinox 70"x55" Verte Green Sweater Knit Throw Blanket Options
  • Equinox 70"x55" Tupelo Honey Sweater Knit Throw Blanket. Options
  • “We needed to work with our
    existing olive green curtains
    so we wanted upholstered
    items to complement and add
    to the colorways in this more
    neutral raw backdrop.”



    “We wanted a welcoming and serene
    atmosphere that could be enjoyed away
    from the day-to-day of our business.”

  • Styles 70"x55" Mineral Throw Blanket Options
    + More colors for Styles 70"x55" Mineral Throw Blanket
    Sale CAD 103.96 reg. CAD 129.95
    Up to 30% off (Prices as Marked)
    CAD 2,899.00
    FSC® Certified
  • Clearance CAD 149.99 reg. CAD 189.00
  • New Arrival
    CAD 139.95 - CAD 189.00
  • “Final touches are the most important and we find that they come in the form
    of plant life and artwork. It gives a bit of life and curation to a space.”

  • CAD 74.95 - CAD 169.95
  • Santa Cruz Jute/Wool Blend Black Border Area Rug Options
    New Arrival
    CAD 1,274.15 - CAD 3,699.00
    15% off (Prices as Marked)
  • Toulon Jute Grey Handwoven Rug Options
    New Arrival
    Sale CAD 1,274.15 - CAD 3,824.15 reg. CAD 1,499.00 - CAD 4,499.00
    15% off (Prices as Marked)
  • Clearance CAD 1,149.97 reg. CAD 2,199.00
    Final Sale
  • Clearance CAD 209.99 reg. CAD 299.00
    Up to 30% off (Prices as Marked)
  • Martini Olive 20"x20" Faux Mohair Throw Pillow Options
    + More colors for Martini Olive 20"x20" Faux Mohair Throw Pillow
  • Dark Green 20"x20" Washed Organic Cotton Velvet Throw Pillow Options
    + More colors for Dark Green 20"x20" Washed Organic Cotton Velvet Throw Pillow
  • CAD 10.99 - CAD 26.00