Gift Registry FAQ

How do I find a specific registry?

You can search for a registry under the registrant’s last name. Your search will go faster if you also have the registrant’s first name. Please note that some registrants prefer not to post their registry online. If you are unsuccessful in locating your registrant online, you can click here to obtain a copy of a current registry by fax or mail. You can also access all registries in any Crate and Barrel store, except Outlets, or call us at 800-967-6696.

How do I make my registry available online?

You can change the online status of your registry either online (log in to Manage My Registry and click on Edit Registry Profile), in our stores (excluding Outlets) or call us at 888-249-4155.

How long will my registry be posted after my event?

Your registry will remain active for eighteen months after your event date. If you need to access it after that, call us at 888-249-4155. Just give us your name, co-registrant’s name, registry number (if available) and date of event.

Does my registry show gift purchases?

Yes. All changes and purchases made to your registry online will be updated within 15 minutes. All changes and purchases made in our stores or through the Call Center also will be reflected online and in stores within 15 minutes.

How soon will the gift registry be updated with my purchase?

Within 15 minutes.

What should I do if the registrant has received everything?

Most of our registrants indicate on their registries that a Crate and Barrel Gift Card makes a great gift. Just look for a link at the bottom of their registry and see if this preference has been indicated. If you purchase a gift that’s not on the registry, you’ll need to provide us with the registrant’s shipping address. If you don’t have access to it, call us at 800-967-6696 and we will retrieve it from our files for you.

Can I access my Canadian registry on the Wedding and Gift Registry App?

Canadian registries currently are not available on the Wedding and Gift Registry App.

Can I create and edit my gift registry online?

Yes. And yes again. You can create and edit your registry online any time, day or night. Changes made online or in our stores will be posted within 15 minutes.

What if I get duplicates of a gift?

While our system updates your registry within 15 minutes, if not immediately, the occasional duplicate purchase may occur. If this happens we will gladly allow return or exchange of the gift. Some reasons you might receive duplicates:

  • Several guests buying gifts on the same day.
  • Online purchases may be indicated on your registry more quickly than a store or Call Center purchase - sometimes just by minutes.
  • A guest may not have requested an updated copy of your registry.
  • After making a purchase, guest may change their minds.

If I create my Gift Registry online, will guests be able to access it in Crate and Barrel stores?

Yes. Your friends and family will be able to view your entire Gift Registry. They will also be able to see any changes and updates made within 15 minutes of their occurrence.

Can I choose seasonal items for my registry?

Crate and Barrel continually tries to bring new, contemporary and exciting designs to our customers. Therefore, many of our items are seasonal. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee how long an item will remain available for purchase.

If you choose to register for seasonal merchandise, we suggest that eight weeks before your event you see what is new for the season and make additions to your registry at that time. These seasonal items should be available when most of your guests are purchasing your gifts.

What is The Knot and why will my registry be displayed there?

The Knot is one of our online partners that offers another convenient way for friends and family to access your Gift Registry. Once you have registered at Crate and Barrel, your Gift Registry will automatically be accessible for viewing at The Knot.

If you prefer that your Gift Registry not be displayed on The Knot you may email or call us at 888-249-4155 and we will be happy to remove it from that website.

Can I register for Crate and Barrel Gift Cards?

Yes, you can register for Gift Cards. Just indicate on your registry that you'd like to receive Gift Cards. Many guests would like to give Gift Cards, but would feel more comfortable doing so if they knew it was an option you had requested. Gift Cards are also a good backup to have in case your registry reaches completion and a guest isn't sure what you'd like. At this time, eGift Cards cannot be requested on a Gift Registry.

What do I need to use the Wedding and Gift Registry App?

The app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with the following devices: iPhone® 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4S, iPod touch® 3rd and 4th generation and iPad®. To update iOS, connect your device to your Mac or PC and follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes.

What gift options are available?

During Checkout, you will be offered the option of packaging your gift in our distinguished black and white gift box with Crate and Barrel grosgrain ribbon. At $5.50 per gift box, you can choose one box for all items or individual boxes for each item. Certain items do not qualify for gift boxing, including Outlet, oversized and heavy items. However, we will gladly enclose a gift message free of charge with any order. And don't worry, none of our items ship with price tags or pricing information. In fact, as a courtesy, any item(s) selected for a gift box or with a gift message will not have prices displayed on the packing slip.

We take great care in packing each item. Each gift box is carefully packed in a standard Crate and Barrel shipping box so it arrives in good condition. If no gift box is selected, most items will still ship in a shipping box at no extra charge.

Why does the site request two Shipping Preferences: Before the Event and After the Event?

Many registrants move to a new address between the time they register and the date of their event. We request two shipping addresses to accommodate this change of residence.

I live internationally. Can I create a registry using the Wedding and Gift Registry App?

At this time, the Crate and Barrel registry app is available only to registrants based in the United States.

I need more help with the Wedding and Gift Registry App. What should I do?

Our dedicated registry experts are ready to assist you at 888.249.4155. Please contact us Monday-Sunday from 8 am-9pm CT.

Is the Wedding and Gift Registry App available for Android phones?

The Wedding and Gift Registry App currently is available only for iOS devices.

Do you have a gift registry completion program?

Yes. After your event date, you'll receive a 15% Completion Card. Our completion program goes beyond your gift registry to any item in the store for a three full months after your big day. And you can use your discount as many times as you'd like. You can redeem it in stores, online at or phone 888-249-4155. (Make sure your "After the Event" address is current on your registry so you won't miss out.)

How do I get the Wedding and Gift Registry App?

The app is available on the App Store. Visit the App Store and search for "Crate and Barrel" or visit iTunes from your computer.

What if I haven’t decided where I want my presents shipped? Can I change this information at a later date?

Yes. You can change your shipping information at any time simply by clicking on the Update Info button on the upper left hand corner of your screen.

How do I redeem my 15% Gift Registry Completion Certificate online?

To redeem your 15% Completion Card online, log in to "Manage My Registry" and start adding to your Cart. Your 15% Completion Savings will be calculated automatically during Checkout. And remember, in addition to redeeming your card online, you can also redeem it in stores for three months.

Do I need an appointment to set up a registry in the store?

Great News! We do not require an appointment for you to set up a registry in store. Our store associates will be happy to get you started any time without an appointment and our staff is ready to assist you with your questions! For a more in depth experience, consider attending one of our Wedding Parties where you may bring your partner or your friends. For two full hours, our entire store is yours. Enjoy great food, drinks, music, and our experts' advice on registering. You'll also receive a set of our best-selling stemless wine glasses in an embroidered linen bag as a thank you. To find an event near you, just visit our Registry Events page and RSVP to attend a Wedding Party.

Can I add CB2 items to my Crate and Barrel gift registry and vice-versa?

We know it’s tempting, but at this time Crate and Barrel and CB2 gift registries cannot be combined or cross-registered. We welcome you to open a separate registry for each respectively, at our Crate and Barrel stores and or at our CB2 stores and

What are a Registrant and a Co–Registrant?

  • A Registrant is the primary person responsible for managing the Gift Registry. Registrants are required to submit contact and shipping information.
  • A Co–Registrant has access and partnership in the Gift Registry. Co–Registrants are not required to submit contact or shipping information.
  • Both the Registrant and the Co–Registrant can add, edit, delete and make updates to the Gift Registry.

Can I add furniture to my registry?

Yes! You may register online for many items including Stock furniture; however, Additional Colors, Additional Frames and Custom upholstery cannot be added to your registry.

What browser do I need to shop?

If you are using older versions of your browser, you may experience technical difficulties while shopping or with online ordering. If you are experiencing problems with the site, download the current version of any of the following recommended browsers:

Chrome (For Macintosh, Windows and Linux)

Firefox (For Macintosh, Windows and Linux)

Internet Explorer (For Windows)

Safari (For Macintosh and Windows)

Current AOL users may also enter "upgrade" as an AOL keyword.

The site keeps responding that there are errors in the information I submitted. How can I correct that and move on to the next step?

  • Our Site is designed to tell you exactly what you need to do to enter your information properly
  • Error messages will appear in bold red type at the top of the page
  • Review your entries making sure that all required fields are properly completed
  • Correct any errors or missing answers and click Continue
  • You should be able to continue on to the next step now

Why is my password not working on the Wedding and Gift Registry App?

To log in to the app, please use the 4-8 character password you chose when creating your account. You can also reset your password.

Can I purchase a gift item online that is currently on backorder online?

Absolutely. We will expedite completion of your gift order as soon as possible. And don’t forget to check our stores directly to see if they have the item in stock.