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Prints Showcase Your Personality and Taste

Curate your own wall gallery and elevate your room with modern prints. From abstract designs to landscapes to minimalist portraits, there's a style to suit any aesthetic. Cover your wall with complementary pieces, or let a single work define the space. Either way, make sure that the artwork you select reflects your personal taste. Not sure where to start in considering your options? Read on to learn about the factors that are most important to keep in mind.

To assure that your print is a good fit for your home, try and have its destination in mind before choosing one. This guarantees not only that there's adequate space on the wall for the art, but also that it works well beside pre-existing furniture and decor. For example, hang one in the living room that has colors enhancing your sofa or accent chairs. Or, opt for a calming and subdued work in the bedroom or bathroom instead. Either way, be sure to think about what mood you want the room to have and whether the artwork contributes to it. That being said, don't be afraid to experiment with different locations if you're uncertain.

The style of print you select has the opportunity to mesh with your space's image—or give it an eclectic edge. If the room's look is minimalist, for example, drawings and paintings without much linework fit right in. Or, take a bolder approach with brightly colored ones. Do you have lots of empty wall space? Rather than immediately choosing one large work of art, consider organizing several pieces of wall decor beside one another. Mirrors keep things playful and varied, while display shelves are a fun way to show off photographs. Putting different prints in conversation with one another also gives the room a sense of fullness and personality. Remember that gallery sets with three or four pieces are carefully pre-selected; all you have to do is decide where in your home they belong.