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Wall Art Makes the Room Feel Full and Fashionable

Few things have the power to elevate your home more than carefully curated wall decor. It fleshes out the space it's in, showcases your taste and serves as a conversation starter when entertaining. What's more, modern wall art—when stylized smartly—complements existing decor and furniture. Pieces made of metal, wood and beyond burst with personality, and it's important that the wall decor you select reflects yours. Consider your space and taste to help guide you to art that fits both your wall and your aesthetic.

A useful place to start in picking the right wall decor is determining the area you want to fill. Whether it's above the living room sofa or hanging over your bed's headboard, having a clear idea of the piece's destination is key. This is partly to make sure that it has adequate room. It also allows you to think about factors like wall color, wallpaper style and nearby decor. Selecting art that meshes with these details gives the room a cohesive image, while pairing different hues or materials lends an eclectic touch. For example, framed prints and paintings feel at home in any room. Or, take a bolder approach with metal wall art made of aluminum, iron, brass or more. Wooden pieces, meanwhile, provide a warm and natural edge to the area.

Do you have a whole wall to fill? Think gallery sets to make effective use of the space. Groups of three or four pieces are curated to bring out the best in one another—then you get to organize them to your liking. However you end up arranging them, make sure that your art lives in an area that's well-lit, especially if the artwork has a dark color palette. Placing a table lamp or floor lamp nearby is one way to make sure that they get the presentation they deserve.