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Coffee Tables Complete the Living Room

From wine and cheese parties to lazy Sundays on the sofa, coffee tables are crucial to the living room setup. After all, they're home to a lot of important content: drinks, snacks and books included. In addition to being sturdy and reliable, however, the ideal coffee table also fits your aesthetic—as well as your space. Be sure to pick one that balances these qualities and it'll be balancing your beverages in fine style.

Consider your living room furniture layout when selecting the shape of your coffee table. Will it be arranged in front of a sofa? If so, rectangular tables allow for multiple people to sit in comfort and access them easily. Alternatively, round tables pair well with accent chairs if space is more limited. They also give a communal feeling to get-togethers; put some poufs or a plush rug on the ground and loved ones can gather around the table cozily. That's also a pro of tables that are lower to the ground. Think about how tall your living room furniture is to help decide on a comfortable height for the table.

Once you've selected a shape, choose a style and material that enhance the tone of the room. Wooden tabletops give off warmth and familiarity, while marble or glass ones have a more luxurious look. Going for a minimalist room design? Simple frames with open sides keep the space visible and breathable. Plus, if you're in need of storage space, get creative and stick a few baskets underneath—perhaps filled with spare throws or board games to play with the family.

Don't forget to put some coasters on the table so it stays in pristine condition. Also, carefully curated coffee table books give the room a mature and personalized feeling.