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How to Choose a Dining Table

The importance of having the ideal dining table can't be overstated. After all, it's where two of the most treasured things in life — family and food — come together each day. Whether it be a holiday feast or cozy weeknight dinner, the right table enhances mealtime. Factors such as shape, material and color are all important considerations when selecting the right table for your home.

Remember the Room's Shape

A useful place to start in the search for your dining table is choosing a shape that works for the room. Think rectangular tables for longer spaces that have a classic aesthetic, or round tables in smaller corners or square-sized rooms — keeping every dish, side and sauce well within reach. Enjoy eating in a more open area, such as a deck or patio? Consider a durable outdoor table as well. For instance, an extendable wood one seamlessly blends in with any event, while another with a glass-top surface complements more formal gatherings. Either way, don't forget a furniture cover for when the weather turns bad.

Be Mindful of Material

In addition to the table's size and shape, the material it's made of gives the dining room a distinct feeling. Wooden tabletops enhance a warm ambiance, whether it be lighter oak, rich walnut or anything in between. Going for a more sleek and industrial look? Stainless steel legs or a zinc-treated tabletop are just a few other options to pursue. If you still can't decide on a single material, don't fret; metal tabletops supported by wooden legs (or vice versa) allow you to take a more eclectic approach with your dining furniture.

Save Room to Sit

If you have dining room chairs picked out and ready to go, it's never a bad idea to consider how they'll fit with a table's support. Round pedestal tables with thin bases leave lots of sitting room, while the cross beams of rectangular tables' legs help dictate where chairs fit comfortably. Still, it's just as important to consider the aesthetic as well the pragmatic. For example, intricate brass tubing with an angular look features a style that's quite different from that of a steel and aluminum-wrought French style base.