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Different Types of Sofas for Your Home

Sofas are the cornerstones of the home—life revolves around them and memories are made on them. They're a place to spend quality time with your loved ones, favorite TV shows, good books and whatever else is a part of your daily life. The ideal couch reflects not only your aesthetic, but also your practical needs; remember to consider the size, style and layout of the room when selecting one. Fortunately, having the choice of multiple types assures that there's a sofa for every lifestyle.

Loveseats: Similar to apartment sofas, loveseats typically have two cushions, making them smaller than full sofas and—like its relative—fitting for apartments, bedrooms and other compact spaces. Their convenient size doesn't come at the expense of comfort, though; fabric and leather loveseats provide the same level of style and coziness as their larger counterparts. Want to offer extra seating options? Pair with accent chairs and you're ready for entertaining. Also, be sure to opt for slipcovered loveseats if there are pets at home.

Sectionals: If you're looking to stretch out and relax with the entire family, sectionals have you covered. Multiple sofa pieces fit together, giving the whole group enough space to lounge. If you have a home media center, sectionals accommodate everyone for movie marathons or the big game. Looking to give one a more eclectic touch? Add decorative pillows or soft throws to personalize down time. Plus, storage cubes add even more leg room and serve as a home for DVDs or extra blankets.

Daybeds: A daybed isn't just a versatile addition to any living room—it's a place for overnight guests to rest. Somewhere between a sofa and a bench, daybeds feature a pleasing symmetrical design that allows you to sit upright or lay down in equal comfort. Don't forget to put an accent table beside one to hold drinks and reading material. When friends or family spend the night, though, is when the daybed shows its full potential. No guest room or sleeper sofa? Don't lose sleep over it. The daybed's length and soft cushions help provide a sense of relaxation.

Settees: Take a bolder approach to furnishing your living room or bedroom with a settee. Featuring a slimmer profile than the average sofa, settes' singularity tends to lie in their backs—often very straight with elegant curves at each end. Typically seating two, settees are an alternative to loveseats if you're looking for something sleek and space-efficient. Having many options for fabric color also creates exciting possibilities for coupling with rugs and wall decor.