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Media Consoles for Watching and Listening in Style

When picking a home media center, the media itself—be it a TV, record player or beyond—must be just right. Equally important, however, is the furniture on which it sits. Media consoles are functional, providing storage as well as a stand for your devices. The ideal one is also fashionable, suited to your style and the layout of the room. Unsure where to start in choosing one for your home? First determine the specific TV or other device you'll be using.

For TV stands, the first consideration should be accomodating the TV's size. In both length and width, be sure that the TV's base or legs have a comfortable amount of room. If the TV is wall-mounted, make sure it's centered above the console. Once you've determined the space that the device itself requires, the question of storage arises. Do you have a multimedia collection that needs a home? If so, selecting a console with ample cabinet room will spare lots of clutter. Additionally, storage ottomans help organize the home media collection while also providing room to stretch out and relax. Another way to get more shelf space is by adding media towers to the console setup. These multi-level shelves hold everything from drinkware to books, and create a natural frame for the TV.

As far as color goes, choose a media console that complements existing decor or is easily pairable with other furniture like sofas and accent chairs. Rich brown wood gives a comforting feeling, while white consoles, as well as wood and metal combinations, have a sleek modern touch. Painted finishes in blues and reds, meanwhile, add a contemporary eclecticism to the room.