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Accent Chairs for the Living Room

A living room without chairs that are comfortable, dependable and fashionable is hardly a living room at all. A quality chair serves as a source of coziness while sacrificing nothing by way of style. With a variety of materials, shapes and colors to choose between, considering these key factors will lead you to the best chair for your space and sensibilities.

Pick Your Material

Different materials have their own advantages. Leather, for example, has a sophisticated feel, and only grows better with age. Available in rich hues, leather chairs complement a wide range of rooms, such as studies, libraries and home offices. Additionally, pairing one with an ottoman will allow you to lie back and sink into its smooth texture. Fabrics, meanwhile, are soft to the touch and perfect to curl up in for movie nights, family time or simply getting lost in a good book. Other important decisions about slipcovered versus upholstered chairs, as well as styles of wood, will help lead you to your ideal seat.

Debating Shapes

Chairs have personality, and one's shape helps to determine the image of its entire room. Armless chairs, for example, boast a sleek silhouette and modern stylishness, while swivel chairs offer rounded contours in addition to mobility. Both work well with a side table, which provides a home to drinks, snacks and perhaps a warm lamp. It's also important to consider a chair's base; the length of its legs or shape of its support drastically changes how it fits in with the room. Planning on lounging alongside loved ones? If so, a chair and a half gives both of you enough room to settle in and relax.

Choose A Color

Whether you prefer a monochromatic palette or something bright and bold, there are accent chairs across the color wheel that will set the tone for relaxation time. Leathers in brown, black or gold project a classic look. White fabrics, meanwhile, convey refinement, and match nicely with wooden legs and exposed frames. Neutral colors also benefit from working well beside most sofas and rugs. Looking to bring more vibrant hues into your living room? Yellows light up even the darkest of spaces, while reds are always elegant—and that's just solid colors. Patterned fabrics of all shades provide their own distinct personalities.