Pendant Lighting & Chandeliers

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How to use Pendant Lighting & Hanging Pendant Lights

Add a touch of subtlety to any space with pendant lighting. Great for dining rooms, kitchens or complimenting all lighting, pendant lights provide a bright glow and a wide array of designs. Whether you're looking for a faceted shade, round shape or angled design, pendant lightings' style bring a unique look to your room. Similar to chandeliers, pendant lights bring functional flair to your favorite rooms. If your home has a contemporary edge, look for pendant chandeliers in bold, art-inspired designs. For a minimalist space, try a pendant hanging light with glass shades that won't take up visual space. While looking for pendant lighting, you can also find designs in a variety of colors. Gold, silver and bronze dome lighting have an urban edge, while white and tan shaded pendant styles have a more classic look. Find the perfect pendant lighting for your space—and your style.

Chandeliers & Pendant Chandelier Lighting Solutions

Want to add a modern touch to your home? Hang a chandelier from the ceiling. Not only does it catch the eye, a pendant chandelier also offers versatility—coming in a variety of styles and finishes. For instance, a candelabra chandelier light or a dining room light fixture with glass beads is the ideal complement to formal kitchen lighting, while another pendant chandelier in a metallic finish, such as brass and nickel, keeps the aesthetic simple. Going for a more casual approach? Consider a wood-based chandelier that seamlessly blends in with your family's more laid-back lifestyle. What's even better: this popular lighting solution comes in different shapes, too. Think a modern chandelier above the dining table, or a dining room light that's linear hanging above the kitchen island. In any case, chandeliers with multiple arms add an abstract touch to the room.