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  • Firenze Dark Blue Handwoven Rug Options
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  • Alvarez Hand-Tufted Wool Black Hand-Knotted Rug Options
  • Anice Indigo Hand-Knotted Oriental-Style 10'x14' Area Rug Options
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  • Erria Indigo Rug Options
    CAD 449.00 - CAD 1,999.00
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  • Firenze Ivory Handwoven Rug Options
    New Arrival
    CAD 4,499.00 - CAD 8,999.00
  • Alvarez Hand-Tufted Wool Cream Hand-Knotted Rug Options
  • Firenze Beige Handwoven Rug Options
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    CAD 4,499.00 - CAD 8,999.00
  • Alvarez Hand-Tufted Wool Garden Hand-Knotted Rug Options
  • Erria Black Rug Options
    CAD 449.00 - CAD 1,999.00
  • Anice Black Hand-Knotted Oriental-Style Rug Options
  • Firenze Dark Grey Handwoven Rug Options
    New Arrival
    CAD 4,499.00 - CAD 8,999.00
  • Erria Clay Rug Options
    CAD 449.00 - CAD 1,999.00
  • Alvarez Hand-Tufted Wool Mineral Blue Hand-Knotted Rug Options
  • Alvarez Hand-Tufted Wool Grey Hand-Knotted Rug Options

What is a Vintage-Inspired or Traditional Rug?

Often consisting of intricate designs, traditional rugs feature modern interpretations of classic Asian- and European-inspired prints and patterns. Florals and other recognizable icons, such as medallions, octagons and hexagons, are commonly found on vintage-inspired floor coverings. Historically considered to be a formal addition to the home, they make a statement in casual rooms, too—finished basements, family rooms and game rooms included. Read on to learn about more types of rugs and how to choose one for your home.

Traditional Rugs for the Living Room

Looking to achieve a timeless aesthetic? Add a traditional rug to your living room. Its geometric motif stands out, especially when used as part of the sitting area. Place a vintage-inspired rug under the coffee table, then make sure that the front legs of your sofa and other lounge furniture—loveseats and armchairs included—are positioned just on top of the rug's border. For a slightly bolder approach, consider layering rugs, too. Think one with a floral or diamond pattern and another that has a single hue throughout. Either way, the area rug's material helps complete the look of the space. Traditional wool rugs, for example, are stain-resistant which makes them ideal for households with kids and pets.

Vintage-Inspired and Traditional Rugs for the Dining Room or Bedroom

If you're the type who prefers a more eclectic style, use a traditional rug in the dining room as well. Does the family gather around a rectangular table for dinner? Use a rectangular rug. Stick with one that has a hand-knotted finish to add a unique touch, or go with a tassel or fringe border instead. No matter your preference, bold colors, such as blue, red and purple make a dramatic statement. Or, stylize one in the bedroom to add personality to your space. Whether you want a piece for the adult bedroom or a tween rug for your preadolescent, vintage-inspired rugs complete the room.