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Duvet Covers and Inserts Make the Bed Your Own

Make your bed look as good as it feels with duvet covers and pillow shams. Modern designs provide the bedroom with both coziness and cohesion, all while reflecting your personal style. With patterned prints and solid colors, there's bedding to suit any aesthetic. Not sure what image you want for your bed? Read on to find a look that leads you to your best night's sleep.

Before your head even hits the pillow, your duvet covers should help you feel relaxed and ready to wind down. If there are any colors that you find particularly calming, embrace those. White, light blue or grey hues are classic picks in this regard, though brighter shades are also soothing selections. Or, if you'd rather choose a color to complement existing decor, consider nearby rugs, wallpaper or headboards. Want your bed to be the boldest piece in the room? Eye-grabbing duvet tones like red or blue are sure to do the trick.

In addition to the question of color, picking between patterned and solid-colored duvet covers affects the feeling of your space. Patterned designs such as polka dots or pinstripes have timeless appeal. More singular styles, on the other hand, give the room extra personality. For example, floral patterns bring natural beauty to the bed, while more abstract ones add a touch of playfulness. To experiment with different looks, consider layering decorative pillows and throws on top of the duvet.

Once the covers and pillow shams are selected, it's time to pick a duvet insert for your bed. Ones filled with down are popular favorites, while hypoallergenic options are comfortable as well as vegan. Different weights determine how much warmth they provide—be sure to consider your climate when choosing one for your home. If you prefer a lightweight insert, quilts and blankets also help provide necessary warmth.