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Modern Bookshelves and Shelving Furniture

Organize any space in your home with modern bookcases and shelves that fit your style. Arrange a pair of hardwood bookcases next to the living room mantle for a classic look and coordinate with nearby wood furniture such as modern TV stands and coffee tables. Or, arrange a black bookcase with doors in the dining area to display your favorite sets of china or wine glasses. For a more cohesive look, coordinate modern bookcase furniture with matching finishes. Think walnut book shelving units with a walnut side table and natural wood accent chairs. For a different style, opt for dark wood bookcase shelves to show off natural elements in a rustic-style living room. Or, consider the unique look of white shelf bookcases or mid-century modern bookcases with an open design to make your contemporary office feel bigger. Clean-silhouetted glass bookcases and tall bookcases are also smart options when adding a touch of modern flair to any space. What's more: these exposed shelves can be used for both organizing and displaying beautiful home decor. Neatly organize your loose papers with woven bins and baskets or display hardcover books on nearby bookcase shelves. As the seasons change, rely on your open bookcases and wall book shelving to swap out decor—replace the family photo with the holiday card and switch faux potted succulents out for seasonal botanicals and vases. Don't forget to consider size when choosing the best bookcase for your home. A 32-inch wide bookcase is a great choice when balancing functionality and space—the size allows room for displaying books and decorative objects while still saving room for your living room furniture.

Contemporary Open Bookshelves, Shelf Furniture & Shelves for the Office

Display your favorite reading materials or vases on a modern bookshelf, or multiple bookshelves in the office. Start by determining where you want your new shelf furniture to live and how it will serve your room's aesthetic. For the classic look, arrange black storage cabinets parallel to a grey double chaise sectional and display a white furniture bookshelf on either side of your wood tv stand for extra storage. Or, if you love the organic look, opt for a set of stylish bookshelves made of natural wood materials—their large minimalist design promotes harmony within the space while also bringing the beauty of the natural world indoors. Place an arrangement of trailing and common house plants atop of your bookshelf with the addition of a round wall mirror to complete the organic aesthetic. For small space apartments or studios, maximizing your surface area is just as important as style. Consider a modern desk with shelving, best for arranging your study materials, printer and personal files while also serving as the perfect space-saving furniture in your apartment. Add one or two modern storage ottomans for extra seating or stow away any personal items you may want off your desk.