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Rug Runners for Hallways, Kitchens & Beyond

Down a hallway, through the foyer or in between rooms, rug runners lead the eye through your space and tie together multiple areas for a harmonized home. A versatile piece of decor, the rug runner complements entryways, living rooms, kitchens and more.

How to Choose a Rug Runner

No matter your home's style or size, find a rug runner that fits your space. Runners work equally well in both smaller rooms as well as bigger ones. For compact apartments, place a floor runner at the foot of the bed or near a dresser for an added touch of style. Plus, putting furniture directly on top of a floor runner is an easy way to give the space a feeling of cohesion. Consider picking a color of rug that complements pre-existing furniture and decor. For example, if your bedroom bench or bed frame is made of wood, carpet runners in warm shades such as brown or red bring out the best in those items.

Floor Runners: Cotton, Sisal, Jute & More

With bigger homes, you have even more possibilities for your rug. Start with the entryway, where a runner provides a place for guests to wipe their feet—and gives a stylish first impression. Continue adding runners into the kitchen near the sink for extra comfort underfoot when washing dishes. Plus, consider layering runners in the living room for a modern look. They enliven whatever room they're placed in, so be sure to consider where in the home is able to accommodate their size. Additionally, the material of the rug runner you select influences how it feels in your space. Options such as sisal and jute have natural appeal, while other materials provide their own singular touches.