Kitchen & Entryway Rugs

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Kitchen Mats & Rugs for Comfort

Your kitchen is mostly made up of hard surfaces, so choose a kitchen rug to add warmth and comfort in high-traffic areas. A kitchen rug's plush fabric contrasts nicely with solid marble countertops and hardwood flooring and adds a pop of color to the room. A creamy yellow rug looks fresh and homey in front of the kitchen sink. Cotton mats are typically machine washable, making care and cleaning easy. Rag rugs are made from repurposed cotton remnants from the textile industry. Each is hand loomed, giving the products their own unique markings, color and character. They look fresh and organic in any space and are easily transferred to different rooms or areas of the home.

If you're an avid chef looking for more comfort and ergonomic function while you prep meals, consider a kitchen mat. Kitchen mats made with supportive materials keep you comfortable on your feet as you work in the kitchen. Plus, like other kitchen rugs, they help keep water or debris off the floor and are easy to wipe clean.

Entryway Rugs Provide Style and Function

Similar to a kitchen rug, an entryway rug livens up your space while also doing the essential job of keeping it tidy. Entryway mats and rugs have textures and materials that soak up excess moisture and cling to dirt and debris from outdoors, so it doesn't get tracked into your home. An earthy blue rug accents the mudroom or vestibule, and the hue is naturally uplifting. Consider keeping a variety of styles and colors to switch out seasonally. To extend the life of your kitchen and entryway rugs, a rug pad is recommended.