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Riedel Wine Glasses for Wine Connoisseurs

Riedel wine glasses are among the most popular choices for both wine lovers and casual drinkers alike. Known for their quality craftsmanship, stunning clarity and elegant design, Riedel glasses are available in a wide range of styles to complete your drinking experience for both wine and cocktails. If you're an aficionado of vino, look for glasses from the Riedel Vinum collection. With bowls precisely shaped to enhance specific varietals, Riedel red wine glasses are ideal for pinot noir, cabernet or merlot, while Riedel white wine glasses provide the best experience for enjoying chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Celebrating a special occasion? Fill a set of Riedel champagne glasses with a little bubbly before making your toast. For more casual get-togethers, serve drinks in Riedel stemless wine glasses to create a laid-back atmosphere. Set out small-plate appetizers or a charcuterie board for a stress-free setup, ideal for impromptu cocktail hours on the patio. Riedel wine glasses also make great gifts for wine lovers during the holiday season. Consider wrapping up a set of glasses along with a Riedel wine decanter to help them maximize their enjoyment of each bottle.

Riedel Glasses for Cocktail Fans

If you prefer the unique combination of flavors that cocktails can offer, serve up your signature creations in Riedel cocktail glasses made for your favorite mixed drinks. For gin and tonics or fruity summer mixers, pour your concoction into tall, skinny Riedel glasses such as highball glasses and garnish with a citrus wedge. For a batch of classic double old-fashioneds, pour your bourbon, bitters and orange zest into Riedel whiskey glasses filled with ice. You can also use your Riedel rocks glasses for mai tais, margaritas and mocktails—it's always a good idea to have a non-alcoholic drink option available for those who are going alcohol-free. Once the party is over, simply place your Riedel cocktail glasses in the dishwasher and set them back on the shelf so that they're ready for the next use.

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