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Rugs by Size: Dimensions for Every Room

When selecting a rug for your home, browsing rugs by size makes the decision smart and simple. Area rug sizes vary considerably, ranging from convenient 4'x6' pieces to spacious 9'x12' ones. Be sure to have the item's destination in mind when making your choice. This allows you to measure the dimensions of the room and pick one well-suited to the space. Looking to elevate the living room? Large area rugs complete the setup and anchor pre-existing furniture and decor. Arrange your sofa, accent chairs, tables and more to complement the rug's material and color. Decor such as prints, paintings or shelves further adds to the aesthetic. If you want a piece for the kitchen or entryway, explore the smaller end of rugs by size. Rugs with more compact dimensions feel at home in spaces with less floor area.

Standard Rug Sizes in Many Materials and Colors

After choosing a carpet size, the question of material and color remains. For large rugs that live in the living room or bedroom, the shade that you opt for has a significant influence on the feeling of the space. Neutral hues, such as white, grey or brown rugs, offer a more subdued vibe than a bright color would. Which route you take should depend on your personal style and surrounding furniture. Conversely, those same decisions allow smaller rugs to really make their presence felt. When selecting a rug by size, material is another factor that impacts its feeling in your home. For example, shag rugs give a lush and glamorous touch, while jute rugs fit well in natural and minimalist spaces.